Underbrush Clearing In Montgomery, AL

Grinding a large stump and the surrounding mound in Prattville, Alabama

Invasive plants, nuisance trees and thorny ground cover can latch on to your land and form a barrier, greatly limiting the usefulness of the yard. Before you can even think about using that space for a patio or a garden, it is vital to clear the brush.

Underbrush removal may help improve the appearance of your property. Unlike land clearing, where the land is scraped down to the bare dirt, underbrush removal involves careful clearing of vegetation. It typically includes both mowing and hydro axing. Mowing is suitable for weedy areas, and hydro axing is the easiest way to hack through dense, scrubby and wooded growth. A hydro ax chops undesired vegetation into a mulch-like consistency. This mulch stays where it lands and acts as an attractive, replenishing layer, adding nutrients to the soil. 

If strolling across your property feels like walking through a jungle, it may be time to call Capital City Stump Grinding. We are the complete source for underbrush grinding in Montgomery, AL. Whether the area is a sea of thorny brush or entirely wooded, our experienced team will get the job done with minimal disturbance to topsoil, desirable trees and other vegetation.

Why Should You Clear Undergrowth?

Accumulated brush on a property can be quite the nuisance. There are a variety of reasons you may need an underbrush clearing service in Montgomery, including: 

  • Improved appearance: Overgrown land is an eyesore and makes property appear shabby and unkempt. Removing brush enhances the visual appeal of your lawn and landscaping. A well-groomed yard may even increase property value.
  • More space: Capital City Stump Grinding can grind out areas of underbrush and small trees to give you more usable yard space. You can use the cleared area in any number of ways, including gardening or maintaining livestock.
  • Removal of hiding places for pests: The Montgomery area is home to wild creatures such as snakes, scorpions, rodents, ticks and other pests. Clearing underbrush will reduce the habitats of these unwanted guests, making your yard a safer environment.
  • Decreased wildfire susceptibility: Underbrush is known to aid the spread of wildfires. By getting rid of small tree stumps and excess vegetation, you can make your property less vulnerable to fires.
  • Enhanced access to property: Untrimmed brush and shrubs can pose a tripping hazard. Thick tangles of undergrowth may even cover pathways. Remove underbrush to improve a property’s accessibility. 

Trust the Professionals at Capital City Stump Grinding 

At Capital City Stump Grinding, our experts possess the expertise and most advanced tools for the safe removal of underbrush. When you need assistance clearing an overgrown lot or acreage, we will eliminate your thick overgrowth to leave the land looking healthy and lush. We strive to provide fair prices, exceptional customer service and work of outstanding quality.

Don’t let unsightly vegetation cover your property any longer. Get in touch today to learn more about our small tree removal service.