Stump Grinding & Removal At Lake Martin

Stump grinder removing a stump at Lake Martin

We proudly offer our stump grinding services to Lake Martin residents. Our self propelled, remote controlled stump grinders are the best option for low impact stump removal. We can access as small as a 36 inch gate and get into places that other machines are unable to.

Our tracked stump grinder offers the ability to get to stumps that our competitors are unable to. It is capable of traveling down steep inclines and can access hard to reach stumps near the lake. The ability to turn 360 degrees allows the track machine to get to stumps in some of the hardest locations at Lake Martin. Our 4×4 wheeled stump machine allows us to minimize lawn damage on more flat terrain. All of our machines are equipped with scraper blades. This allows us to push the wood chips back into the hole or into a pile for easy mulch removal.

Lake Martin Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is easier with the right equipment. Our stump removal equipment is the best available in the industry. Our state of the art self propelled machines can grind a stump within inches of obstacles such as driveways or the foundation of a house. Our stump machines are heavy equipment, but they are extremely nimble at what they do. We can navigate our stump grinders around trees and down steep slopes that other companies are unable to. While going down a steep hill at Lake Martin is fine, we may not be able to grind large stumps on a steep incline. This can cause the oil in the grinder’s engine to not circulate correctly and can lead to instant engine failure. Also, we will avoid any circumstance that could cause us to lose a machine in the lake such as going over a deck or right next to a retaining wall. With that said, we can get to almost any other tree stump.‚Äč

We pride ourself on being fast and efficient. If you call a tree service, they may put your stump job off for weeks until a rainy day. If you call us, we will get to your tree stumps within days. If you need a tree cut down, we can refer you to some of the best tree services that work at Lake Martin.

Give us a call today for our competitive pricing and top notch service. We service Lake Martin and all surrounding areas.

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  • Capital City Stump Grinding is not responsible for unmarked underground utilities.
  • Capital City Stump Grinding is not responsible for the removal of woodchips, debris, blocks, etc.