Root Removal In Montgomery, AL

There’s more to a tree than what you can see. No matter how neatly pruned and manicured its branches may be above ground, its roots may extend many feet in all directions. This can cause major headaches for property owners, as they can obstruct excavation and landscape projects and even threaten your foundation or patio. If you encounter this problem, it’s a good idea to call the professionals at Capital City Stump Grinding for root removal in Montgomery, AL. We have the equipment, personnel and experience to handle virtually any root removal job.

Why Bother With Root Removal?

Roots will go anywhere they can in search of water, and they won’t respect your boundaries in the process. In some cases, they can grow around underground pipes, clogging or crushing them. They also may protrude above the surface of your yard, creating trip hazards or damaging your lawnmower. They can make home improvement projects much more difficult by preventing you from achieving a clean excavation. Old stumps can leave behind rotting wood that invites insects and disease to your property. In short, there are many reasons why you may need the services of a skilled root grinder in Montgomery, AL.

What We Can Do for You

As one of the best equipped and most experienced stump grinding companies serving the area, we know exactly what it takes to ensure the best possible results. We have the most diverse and complete lineup of tree root removal machines in Montgomery, AL. This enables us to handle troublesome roots with as little disruption to your routine and as little impact on your property as possible. In certain cases, we may be able to cut an unruly root at both ends and remove it without further intervention. Depending on the circumstances, it may even be possible to cut a root away without causing harm to the tree.

When you choose us as your professional tree root grinder in Montgomery, AL, you can be certain that we will do a professional job.

Why Choose Capital City Stump Grinding?

When it comes to tree root removal in Montgomery, AL, our focus is always on providing work of outstanding quality, delivered with exceptional customer service and the fairest prices. We’re proud to serve the Montgomery area with prompt, comprehensive capabilities that can address just about any grinding need you may have. Above all, we strive to treat your property with the respect and care it deserves. This is our prime objective for every client, and we’re eager to prove it to you. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.