Grading Services In Montgomery, AL

Grinding a stump and the surrounding roots and mound in a backyard in Millbrook, AL

When you remove a tree from your yard, it can take a toll on the landscape. Suddenly, there is a hole or stump where there used to be greenery, and you are left with uneven ground and a potential tripping hazard.

If you are experiencing this problem, call the professionals at Capital City Stump Grinding for stump leveling in Montgomery, AL. We have the expertise, personnel and equipment to remove the eyesore and revive your lawn. We can grade mounds and fill in low spots around stumps quickly and completely.

Restoring your yard to a healthy state involves fixing the land around the stump, commonly referred to as stump grading. This process involves flattening the ground to remove any slopes, mounds or low spots in the soil. What’s more, this service allows for proper water drainage, leaving your yard healthier and better irrigated.

At Capital City Stump Grinding, what sets us apart is our cutting-edge approach to stump grading services. We level the terrain around stumps with a state-of-the-art grading blade. Unlike other companies that use tow-behind grinders, our grading blade allows us to flatten elevated ground without leaving a hole or scattering chips everywhere. After our work is done, you won’t be left with a volcano-effect in your yard.

Why Should You Level Ground After Stump Removal? 

There are a variety of reasons you may need stump grading in Montgomery, AL. These include:

  • More visual appeal: Grading land around stumps plays a crucial role in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing property. Leveling the lawn can make your space feel more open and attractive. It also enables you to get a better-quality cut when mowing.
  • Better safety: Uneven terrain is treacherous for walking and playing.
  • Healthier plants: Depressions in the ground, especially next to stumps, tend to retain water, which may wreak havoc on your grass or garden. Plants in that area get oversaturated, while other sections become too dry. Grading can help distribute water evenly so the lawn doesn’t flood and cause a muddy mess. It also ensures that plants receive the necessary water to thrive — and you don’t end up with dead grass or poor growth.
  • Added outdoor enjoyment: Grading after stump removal prepares your property for a new feature, such as a fountain or fire pit. When the topsoil has been smoothed and leveled, you can reap the benefits of a more functional space.

Trust the Professionals at Capital City Stump Grinding

At Capital City Stump Grinding, we understand that grading the area around a stump can make a positive difference to your yard. Whether you have mounds or sunken spots in the terrain, our professional team is prepared with top-of-the-line equipment and expertise to restore your property. 

We are proud to serve the Montgomery, AL area with prompt, comprehensive capabilities that can address just about any stump grading needs you may have. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.