• Stump Removal:  Our stump grinders can remove stumps any size and almost anywhere.  With our large tow behind stump grinder, we can grind up to 26 inches below ground level. With our small stump grinder, we can access a gate 36 inches or larger.  Our small self propelled machines prevent heavy trucks from driving across your lawn.
  • Root Removal:  We can grind roots that may eventually crack concrete slabs or that stick up in your lawn causing bare spots and lawn mower damage.  Some roots can be cut at both ends and removed, while others must be completely ground out. 
  • Bush, Shrub, Hedge, and Flower Bed Clearing:  We can grind out areas that have been planted with bushes, hedges, shrubs, or flowers. This permanently removes the root systems and tills the soil which makes replanting easier.  What would take you hours to pull out and dig will take us a couple minutes, and the cost is minimal. 
  • Underbrush Removal:  We can grind out areas of underbrush and small trees to give you more usable yard space.
  • Grading:  We are able to grade the stumps surrounding terrain with the scrape blades equipped on our stump grinding machines. We are able to either level areas or push the chips in a pile.
  • Stump Debris Cleanup:  After we grind the stump, there is a large pile of mulch and dirt left in place of the stump.  If you want it hauled off, we are happy to set you up with a landcaper who will take the wood chips away at an extra charge.
  • Tree Removal:  While we are not arborists, we can recommend you to one of the many tree care professionals that we do business with.