Stump Grinding In Montgomery, AL

If you have dead or overgrown trees on your property, cutting them down is only part of the solution. Because a tree’s root system can extend too far beneath the ground to simply dig out, you may be left with stumps throughout your yard. That’s when it’s time to call Capital City Stump Grinding. We are your complete source for stump grinding in Montgomery, AL, and the nearby area. When you choose us, we do everything possible to ensure that these unsightly obstacles are completely removed.

Why Should You Remove Stumps?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a stump grinding service in Montgomery, AL. If tree stumps are left behind to rot, they can cause problems for the health of your property and your family. For example, decaying wood can attract insects that may spread to healthy trees and plants and even to your house. If the tree was cut down due to disease or fungal infestation, the remaining roots may still be infected. This could result in diseases spreading to the surrounding foliage. Roots also may pose a trip hazard to children playing in your yard. And then there is the negative impact visible roots and stumps can have on the look and curb appeal of your property. If you’re concerned about any of these issues affecting your home and family, it may be time to talk to the experts in stump removal in Montgomery, AL.

Trust the Professionals

Hiring a professional tree stump removal service in Montgomery, AL, can address the stumps in your yard quickly and completely. We bring the right tools and experience to every job — advantages you won’t get if you try to cut corners or do the job yourself. We’re the leading tree stump grinder in Montgomery, AL, because we have the equipment that can get the job done correctly. Our remote controlled grinders can grind up to 15 inches below ground level. This ensures that your landscaping or construction project can proceed by allowing us to grind surface roots that our competitors’ tow-behind grinders are unable to. Our self-propelled machines eliminate the need for heavy trucks to drive across your lawn and potentially damage it.

Why Choose Capital City?

We’re dedicated to being the best source for tree stump removal in Montgomery, AL, and the surrounding area because stump grinding is our specialty. With every job, our goal is to provide work of outstanding quality, exceptional customer service and fair prices. When we arrive at your home or business, you can count on receiving prompt, comprehensive services that address your needs and treat your property with the utmost respect. If you’re ready to learn more about our services and expertise, get in touch with us today.