Stump Grinding Service in Wetumpka, AL

 Stump and Roots in Wetumpka, AL
  • Capital City Stump Grinding is not responsible for unmarked underground utilities.

  • Capital City Stump Grinding is not responsible for the removal of woodchips, debris, blocks, etc.

Areas Served

  • Wetumpka, AL
  • Lake Martin, AL 
  • Auburn, AL
  • Eclectic, AL
  • Tallassee, AL
  • Slapout, AL
  • Equality, AL
  • Holtville, AL
  • Alexander City, AL
     Are you tired of mowing around that big stump or those roots in your yard?  Give us a call at Capital City Stump Grinding.  We are a small business specializing in tree stump grinding and removal in Wetumpka, AL as well as Lake Martin and the surrounding cities.  Stump grinding is the quickest way to remove an unwanted stump from your yard. We have small and large machines which allow us to quickly, safely, and efficiently remove almost any tree stump anywhere.  
     We utilize the highest quality self propelled grinders available.  Our machines move under their own power so we do not have to back a truck over your lawn.  We can access most backyards since our equipment is able to fit in a 36 inch opening.
    We proudly serve Wetumpka for all of its stump grinding and tree stump removal needs.  We utilize high powered stump grinders which chew the stump up into mulch.  We provide all of our customers with quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.  With our powerful equipment, we offer affordable pricing and can usually provide same day service.  We offer discounts for multiple stumps.
     We can remove stumps much cheaper than renting a stump grinder in most cases.  Stump removal is our specialty and that is all that we do.  We grind stumps for a large number of tree services in the area.  We work hard to please all of our customers with outstanding service and affordable pricing.  Give us a call today for your free estimate!

Stump Grinding in Wetumpka
Minimum Impact 

Our machines move themselves so there is no need for trucks on your lawn!

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